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Intelligent Automation and Identification Solutions for Hotels

Maximum Security for Hotels

Efficient RFID Solutions

In the fast-paced hotel industry, integrating innovative solutions is essential for enhancing security, efficiency and comfort for guests and staff. As leaders in advanced security technology, we provide customised solutions tailored to the unique needs of hotels.

Our offerings include access control, key management, laundry / linen management, vehicle identification and guard patrol monitoring. These reliable solutions ensure top-level security while streamlining daily operations for both guests and staff.

Our solutions not only bolster security but also optimise hotel operations to maximise customer satisfaction. Experience a new level of security and efficiency in the hotel industry with deister electronic. Our customised solutions are designed to address modern hospitality challenges and create an unparalleled guest experience.

RFID based slots key tag

Key Management for Hotel Operations

Efficient and Secure Administration

For key locations such as power supplies, sprinkler systems, conference rooms, and technical facilities, it's crucial that selected administrative and technical staff always know the whereabouts of security-relevant keys. Access must be restricted to authorized personnel. As the number of keys grows, manual key storage becomes inefficient and hard to track, leading to high administrative burdens and security vulnerabilities.

Our proxSafe key management system securely and verifiably stores all keys or key bundles. Key withdrawals and returns are electronically validated and automatically documented. This reduces administrative efforts and enables effective resource planning, making an investment in electronic key management highly beneficial for enhancing security.

  • 24/7 availability of all keys
  • Minimizes key loss
  • Logs all key withdrawals and returns

Key Management

KSC30 checkpoint mounted

Efficient Security Patrol Documentation

Comprehensive Patrol Records

In large hotels, manually documenting patrols is routine but labor-intensive. Increasing security requirements necessitate comprehensive reporting for legal compliance.

Manual documentation is nearly impossible to maintain, resulting in significant administrative efforts and potentially inadequate reporting. Our solution, the dataLog system, combines electronic data collectors with maintenance-free, discreet control points for simple electronic planning, recording, and evaluation of patrols, rounds, and inspections.

  • Comprehensive patrol reporting
  • Easy operation without buttons
  • Battery- and wear-free, discreet, and contactless control point recording

Security Guard Systems

Towel management

Automated Textile Management

Manage Workwear, Towels, and Linens in Hotels

Intelligent teXtag® textile cabinets allow you to digitize, automate, and track the issuance and return of all textiles, including bed linens, towels, and workwear. All transactions can be viewed anytime in the central management software Commander Connect, where you can also flexibly assign, modify, and revoke access rights. This increases transparency and constant logging significantly reduces textile loss and administrative effort. You can also monitor current textile inventory and determine the actual required stock.

  • Cost savings through inventory optimization
  • 24/7 availability of textile stocks
  • Early identification and prevention of shortages
  • Reduction of textile loss
  • Increased transparency throughout the textile cycle

Laundry Management

TSU Long Range Identification

Automated Vehicle Identification

For Hotel Grounds and Parking Areas

With tranSpeed®, you can efficiently manage and control access to your hotel grounds and parking areas. RFID readers and transponders automatically recognize authorized vehicles, granting seamless access and creating a convenient and secure environment while effectively preventing unauthorized entry.

TranSpeed® enhances security and efficiency by quickly identifying and authorizing vehicles, reducing wait times and improving overall traffic flow on your premises. Seamless integration ensures smooth operations.

  • 24/7 control over your hotel’s access points
  • Reduced disruptive wait times

Vehicle Identification

Access Control Card

Secure Access Control in Hotel Facilities

Digital Access Systems

Guest and property security is paramount in the hotel industry. Using advanced RFID technology, deister electronic access control systems regulate general access to premises and specifically manage access to guest rooms, exclusive areas, and facilities like gyms. These systems offer comprehensive security solutions that surpass traditional key mechanisms.

Customizable access control allows for individual access rights to guest rooms and specific facilities, preventing unauthorized entry and ensuring maximum security.

Our powerful Commander Connect management software enables hotel staff to quickly and easily adjust access permissions. This flexibility is essential for meeting changing requirements and the individual needs of guests. The intuitive interface allows staff to manage access controls effortlessly while maintaining an efficient overview of the security system.

  • Flexible rights assignment for staff and guests
  • Increased security for guests and their valuables

Access Control Systems

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