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Automated Key Management

Utilise electronic key cabinets for effective control and organised storage.

Manage keys efficiently

Efficient key storage

Keys remain a vital part of any security solution yet their importance is often overlooked. They control access to critical areas and high value equipment. An electronic key management system can restrict which people are allowed access to individual keys. It is an access control system for keys and other critical assets. Knowing who, when and where the keys  are means you are always in control and people feel more accountable.  Implementing a key management system can reduce dramatically your operational costs and resources with less lost keys.

Deister electronic offers cutting-edge key management solutions for just that. Our modular and scalable key management systems offer intelligent control, administration and documentation of each and every key – flexibly and from anywhere with the highest degree of efficiency and comfort in your everyday operations. User access to specific keys can be predetermined and seamlessly managed through the Commander Connect software. 

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Key removal from maxx 6U
Key removal from maxx
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Key cabinets

maxx 6U keybox


Compact & elegant

Introducing our proxSafe® key box maxx 6U, a compact and stylish solution for modern offices. With its space-saving roller shutter and robust steel design, this electronic key box ensures efficient key management. It accommodates single keys, narrow key bunches, or larger collections, and multiple boxes can be combined, all operated through a central terminal. Compatible with 3U keyPanels from the flexx series.

Our maintenance-free keyTags with integrated RFID chips securely anchor keys in the maxx key box via slot locking, ensuring double protection against manipulation, all concealed behind the roller shutter.

Retrieving a key is effortless – the roller shutter automatically lifts, highlighting the selected key slot in red. After retrieval, the shutter closes automatically, stopping if a hand is detected underneath for a user-friendly experience.

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flexx key cabinet portfolio


Modular & flexible

The flexx key cabinet comes in five different sizes that can be individually combined based on the modular principle. This allows for the creation of small, compact systems with 16 key slots or large key deposit capable of holding several thousand of keys. The modular design maximizes capacity in limited space and provides the flexibility to adapt or expand the system as needed. Cabinets can be customized with flexible slot modules, known as keyPanels, which can be easily extended or exchanged at short notice. Depending on the number and size of key bundles, keyPanels are available with varying slot densities. Additionally, specific panels can be integrated for controlled handovers of ISO cards and radio devices.

To issue keys, users authenticate themselves at the terminal, allowing the key cabinet door to open, and the key can be removed from the illuminated slot. Thanks to slot interlocks, all keys are doubly secured and can only be removed with the corresponding authorisation, even when the door is open.

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smart 4 keybox


Compact & space-saving

The smart 4 is a streamlined electronic key management system featuring four compartments capable of handling both single and multiple keys. Designed for user-friendliness, the system operates on the principle of badge presentation, releasing only the keys for removal that the user is authorised to access.

Ensuring operational security, the system incorporates a built-in battery backup and a local database that remains functional even in cases of network, server or power failures.

  • Secure and compact design
  • User-friendly operation
  • Remote key release functionality through management software

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keyPanelsISO 8 panel
keyPanel portfolio


The right slot for every key

The flexx and maxx key cabinets are customisable with slot modules known as keyPanels, ensuring secure key storage. Utilising slot locking, keys are firmly anchored within the cabinet, providing double protection against manipulation. Access to keys is assigned solely with the appropriate authorisation and identification, and the selected keySlot lights up red during key removal or return.

Tailored to various needs, keyPanels come in different versions with varying numbers and spacing of slots. For extensive key collections, keyPanels with up to 32 slots are available, while those with 8 or 16 slots offer ample space for neat storage of larger key bunches. The modular and flexible panel concept allows for secure management of eight to several thousand keys, enabling individual customisation of key cabinets and system upgrades or expansions at any time.

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ISO 8 panel for ISO cards

ISO 8 panel

Safe storage for ISO cards

Apart from the keyPanels within the flexx key cabinet, our ISO 8 panel provides a secure storage solution for ISO cards. Each of the eight card slots accommodates ID cards, credit cards, petrol station cards, or access cards in ISO 7810 ID-1 format in a tamper-proof and organized fashion. For enhanced security, the card slots can be optionally equipped with RFID technology and easily monitored through the Commander Connect software for clear management.

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C4+ Terminal


Operating terminal with keypad and display

The C4+ terminal within the proxSafe® solution seamlessly integrates with all key management systems, including maxx and flexx.

To initiate the setup, an Admin ID card is utilised on the operating terminal. Users can then authenticate themselves through various credentials such as cards, transponders, etc., using the built-in RFID reader. Alternatively, identification is possible by entering a pre-defined PIN. The proxSafe® terminal is designed for simplicity and speed.

  • RFID reader for user identification
  • Quick key return functionality
  • User-friendly operation
  • Intelligent power management
  • Backlit keyboard and display

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C6+ Terminal


Operating terminal with touch display


Operating the proxSafe® C6+ Touch Terminal is made simple and intelligent through its touchscreen interface. The C6+ is designed to seamlessly integrate with all proxSafe® key management systems and includes an administrator ID card for system setup. Users have the flexibility to identify themselves using an ISO card, an RFID transponder, or by entering a PIN. The optional multi-technology reader expands compatibility to include many existing access cards for authentication.

  • Effortless operation with a vibrant 5.7" touch panel
  • RFID multi-technology reader for user identification
  • Network and standalone capability
  • Display of arbitrary characters (Unicode)


keyTagsUnsealing pliers
RFID keyTags in five colors for key cabinets


RFID key tag

Each key is affixed with a keyTag, securely linked to the key ring via a one-time seal, ensuring an unbreakable connection. Keys on the keyTag can only be replaced using specialized unsealing pliers, making them completely tamper-proof. An embedded RFID chip in each keyTag stores comprehensive information about the corresponding key.

Upon inserting the key into the cabinet, the key's data is wirelessly transmitted through contactless identification, irrespective of the key's condition (dirty, oily, or wet). This guarantees the enduring reliability of keyTags. Available in five distinct colors, these keyTags facilitate quick differentiation among user groups or security levels, providing a clear and organised classification system.

All accessories

Unsealing pliers

Unsealing pliers

keyTag unsealing pliers

The unsealing pliers are employed to authorise the removal of one-time seals on keyTags and keyRings.

Featuring a spacious handle, they facilitate the effortless separation of keyTags/keyRings from keys with minimal exertion.

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Benefits of our solution

RFID based slots key tag

No Wear, No Maintenance

RFID-based slots

Each key is individually controlled by attaching a robust keyTag with an RFID chip. When the keyTag is inserted into the slot, the RFID chip is read. The advantage is that keyTags do not require batteries and the slots do not need regular cleaning.

As keys are frequently handled and carried in pockets, they inevitably become soiled over time. RFID technology provides a significant benefit by enabling contactless and reliable data transmission.

Fail-safe emergency battery


Autonomous power supply and standalone mode

Whether there is a power outage or a network interruption, the key cabinets remain reliably operational. In the event of a power failure, the built-in emergency battery and a power-saving emergency operation mode are automatically activated, allowing the system to function for up to 72 hours.

Data is also backed up, enabling the system to continue operating without a network connection. All user information, access rights and events are stored offline in the user terminal at the key cabinet and are synchronized once the network is restored. Additionally, there is a manual emergency release function that can be used to empty the key cabinet if needed.

deisterCockpit & deisterGo

Automatic Reporting

Comprehensive electronic documentation

Every event occurring at the key cabinet is automatically documented and linked to the respective user. As each user must authenticate before accessing the terminal, it's easy to track who performed each action and when.

These reports are accessible in real-time through the deisterCockpit, can be automatically emailed as PDFs, or exported as CSV files. Additionally, users can choose to receive notifications about specific events at any time via the deisterGo app.



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