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Monitoring & Protection for Newborn Babies

Electronic protection system for newborns with alarm function and mother-child connection.


Reliable Protection for Newborns

Incidents of newborn swapping or abduction occasionally occur in hospital maternity wards. Even if quickly resolved, these events are traumatic for everyone involved and can lead to reputational and financial damage for the hospital.

BabyGuard® offers comprehensive protection, ensuring that newborns can only leave supervised areas with authorized individuals, such as parents or nurses. If a baby leaves an assigned area without authorization, an immediate alarm is sent to the staff.

The system also supports various administrative functions, alarm options, and automated reporting through integration with the hospital's nurse call system.

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LCA 500LCA 500 ELA
LCA500 locator

LCA 500

The Locator LCA 500 is installed in the center of the zone to be monitored. This can be individual rooms or the passage area of a door. It transmits a permanent alarm signal in the LF frequency range at 125 kHz with an adjustable extension of approx. 1 - 5 m. Each alarm field is identified by a unique location code for communication with the amanTag® transponders located in the reading range of the locator. A UHF transceiver is integrated in the locator for bi-directional communication with the amanTag® transponders. The LCA 500 locator can be operated standalone or online.

  • Comprehensive range of functions for effective baby protection
  • Simultaneous identification of up to 10 persons
  • Standalone and online operation
  • Compact design
  • Optional system configuration for alarm field extension and direction detection
LCA500-ELA locator


Compared to the LCA 500, which is equipped with an integrated loop antenna for generating the alarm field at 125 kHz, the LCA 500 ELA has been designed for use with specified loop antennas, which are available in different design variants on site as door frame antennas, wall antennas or, in outdoor areas, as floor antennas. Antennas of this design allow a very precise definition and thus application-specific expansion of the wake-up field. The matching electronics integrated in the locator allow the connection of external loop antennas with a wide range of values of assigned inductances.

  • Integration into and retrofitting of existing installations
  • Concealed installation of the locator possible, e.g. in suspended ceilings
  • Simple connection to loop antennas installed in the door, wall or floor area


BTA1 transponder


Baby transponder

The active BTA 1 Baby-Tag protects the newborn from abduction and swapping. During development, emphasis was placed on achieving minimal weight of the transponder while ensuring optimal performance, in order to avoid unnecessary burden on the newborn and guarantee the best possible protection. Without restricting freedom of movement, the tag can be worn in a diaper with an insert pocket. When entering the wake field of an amanTag® Locator, an alarm is triggered if the baby is not accompanied by its mother, an authorised caregiver, or nursing staff whose identification is associated with the baby tag through mother or companion transponders.

  • Protection against abduction and mix-up
  • Alarm when baby is unattended
  • In-house locating of mother and baby
UTA3 transponder


Mother transponder

The active UTA 3 mother transponder is used for authorised crossing and exiting of defined protection zones with an associated baby without triggering an alarm. If the corresponding BTA 1 baby transponder enters the wake field of an amanTag® Locator without the accompaniment of the UTA 3 mother transponder, an alarm is triggered. This effectively addresses the risk of abduction or swapping of newborns by providing immediate and reliable information to the nursing staff.

  • Protection against abduction and mix-up
  • Alarm when baby is unattended
  • In-house locating of mother and baby
UTA1 transponder


Mother and nurse transponder

The UTA 1 can be used as an alternative to the UTA 3 as a mother transponder and can also be worn by nursing staff in maternity wards. The additional push-button is used to trigger an assistance call including an area identifier while on the move, which is received within a radius of 25 m to generate an emergency call for immediate information of the nursing or security staff. The LED integrated in the UTA 1 is used to display a status message after pressing the push-button.

  • Mobile emergency call to nursing and security personnel
  • Feedback on successful transmission of the emergency call via integrated LED
  • In-house location detection
ITA3 transponder


Installer transponder

The ITA 3 is a special transponder that can be used by staff from the areas of building management, service and maintenance. Thus, without the use of additional software, the extension of the wake-up area of a locator can be adapted to the concrete needs directly on site. For this purpose, the transponder has three buttons. A test call can be triggered via the large call button. The alarm field of the locator can be enlarged or reduced via the small buttons. An integrated LED indicates that the transponder is in the alarm field. Thus, the extension of a protection zone can be optimally set with this transponder and checked at regular intervals.

  • Intuitive setting and checking of the alarm field expansion for defining a protection zone
  • On-site configuration of the locator by service technicians without additional software
  • Integrated LED for checking the expansion of the Locator alarm field

Benefits of our solution

amanTag for discharge nursing staff

Staff Relief

Digital support for nursing staff

In times of nursing shortages, technical assistance systems help maintain high levels of patient care. The Baby Monitoring System ensures the safety of newborns, integrating seamlessly into maternity ward routines to reduce the risk of mix-ups or abductions.

Monitoring the movement of mothers and babies within defined protection zones ensures reliable alerts to nursing staff, interrupting their routine only in emergencies.

amanTag reading multi transponders

Powerful System Performance

Optimal conditions for patient monitoring

The BabyGuard system uses amanTag® technology with dual frequency for transponder activation and bidirectional communication. This allows for precise localization of individuals and enables alarms even outside the locator's activation range.

The system can identify multiple individuals in a locator's wake-up field simultaneously, thanks to advanced anti-collision detection methods.

amanTag baby direction

Flexible Extensibility

Adaptable system configuration

Multiple locators can be networked with a local primary to expand the activation range. Adding additional replicas to a primary creates overlapping wake fields, easily extending the protection zone by integrating existing equipment.

A synchronized primary-replica configuration with overlapping wake fields not only tracks individual locations but also detects movement direction. This added information is crucial for nursing staff to monitor newborns' whereabouts accurately.


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