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MSIEA award 2019

Malaysia, March 26th 2019 – We are pleased to announce that Coselec has been selected as the Winner for the prestigious MSIEA 2019 Award – Security Product of the Year for its proxSafe RFID Electronic Key Management and Smart Storage System at the IFSEC Southeast Asia Show on March 20th 2019.

About the MSIEA Award

The Malaysian Security Industry Excellency Award (MSIEA) 2019 is to celebrate the very best in the security industry. It is an award to recognise corporates in security best practices and best security product. The panel of judges are independent representatives from organisations who are stake holders of the security industry.

MSIEA 2019 is organised by the Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) in partnership with Security Services Association of Malaysia (PPKKM) and UBM, the show organiser. UBM PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The MSIA 2019 was organised in conjunction with the IFSEC Southeast Asia 2019 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia March 19th – 21st 2019. IFSEC Southeast Asia is the top leading exhibition event for security, fire and safety in Southeast Asia. This event is the best platform for all industry players from all over the world to showcase the latest products and discover the opportunities in the Southeast Asia.

About the MSIEA 2019 Award Winner – proxSafe RFID Electronic Key Management and Smart Storage System
proxSafe RFID electronic key management and smart storage system is fully designed and manufactured by deister electronic GmbH, a leading German RFID innovator and manufacturer. proxSafe a multiple award winners since it was first introduced in 2003 has been widely recognised for its innovative features to effectively and intelligently manage and audit keys/assets with total control and accountability. The many accolades and awards won from different security shows in the region is a testament to proxSafe’s superb features and technologies.

While the proxSafe system is highly innovative with cutting-edge technologies, the use and operation of the system is very simple, functional and secure. proxSafe system intelligently identifies who has the essential keys/assets by controlling who has them with full audit and reporting capabilities. Users are identified by card, pin or biometrics allowing them to only take the items that are authorised to have. The system is designed to be modular and scalable making expansion a breeze with the highest degree of efficiency.


What sets proxSafe system apart from other similar products:

The proxSafe key and smart storage systems were the first system designed with Radio- frequency identification (RFID) technology making it the pioneer system that uses reliable, accurate and “near-field” technology to automatically identify and track keys and assets. In addition, proxSafe is also the first product that is innovated with mobile applications so that users can administer and manage the system on the go.

The proxSafe system with its uniform interfaces and protocols can be easily integrated with other third party software to provide a total solution for keys and storage access including identification and access control of people and vehicles.

The proxSafe system also comes with future-proof technologies that makes it easy, feasible and adaptable to the fast-changing technologies. All installed systems are replaceable and backward compatible. This translates to minimal technology disruptions and redundant technological investment in the long run.

Evidence of how the products has been applied and the benefits achieved quantify the value of the proxSafe system
The proxSafe key and smart storage systems have been successfully deployed in many diversified vertical markets like automotive, aviation, banking institutions, commercial centres, data centres, educational institutions, government ministries, healthcare, hotels, logistics, museums, oil & gas, prisons, etc. There are many successful case studies on these deployment where benefits achieved include increase in work productivity, work efficiency, saving of manpower costs, increase in accountability and ownership of work processes and assets.

MSIEA 2019 award
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