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    Security guard and plant protection

    dataLog is the market leading proof-of-visit and patrol verification system, that records the presence and location of security, cleaning and maintenance personnel at given locations and times.

    For over 37 years deister electronic has been providing robust and reliable systems, which meet the requirements of both commercial and industrial applications.

    dataLog systems allow better use of staff, improves efficiency, and provide accurate and fast audit information on work carried out.  Most importantly they highlight any checks that were missed, so that appropriate action can be taken.

    The main components to a dataLog proof-of-visit system are a handheld data collector, location checkpoints and management software. Checkpoints are fixed to locations to be visited, and the worker carries a robust handheld data collector which they use to read the checkpoint when it is visited. The checkpoints identification number and time of the visit is recorded by the data collector.

    dataLog systems are ideal to determine the location of security guards and other workers where security, safety, servicing or cleaning checks need to be done. deister dataLog systems are used globally for manned guarding operations and many other applications where a mobile worker’s attendance at a given location needs to be verified.

    Benefits at a glance

    100% maintenance free

    Checkpoints are maintenance free, they do not contain batteries or hard wiring. The RFID proximity checkpoints are suitable for use internally or externally in all weather conditions.

    Easy to use

    Checkpoints are easy to read, simply hold the data collector close to the checkpoint, that’s it. No buttons to press or apps to open.

    Long battery life

    Best in class operational time with the guardiX II being able to read up to 500,000 checkpoints from a pair of AA batteries. With no recharging necessary the collector is always ready to use.

    Connected systems

    dataLog works with other deister systems to allow events to be combined within common reports across different systems.

    Robust & reliable

    The guardiX II is IP67 classified and has no buttons, switches or other external moving parts that could be prone to failure.

    Backwards compatible

    guardiX II data collectors are backwards compatible with all deister RFID Checkpoints that have been supplied for many years.

    RFID for maintenance free and reliable data collection

    deister’s dataLog systems use RFID technology for checkpoints and data collectors. This ensures that the checkpoints are able to be installed in the harshest environments without the need for any maintenance or power supply.  This technology is perfectly suited for use in outdoor areas, which need to be checked regularly.

    Our dataLog products are contactless and the checkpoint is read simply by holding the data collector in proximity to the front of the checkpoint. Since checkpoints require no physical contact they can be painted over or installed in walls, woodwork or masonry.

    Event cards for quick reporting of additional information


    Event cards allow you to report additional events which may be required during the patrol or checks being done. For example; window open, toilet leaking, maintenance required. The event cards can be carried with the data collector and when an event needs to be recorded simply hold the corresponding card in front of the data collector, the time and event will be logged.

    You can choose the events you would like to report on depending on the environment or to address health and safety requirements.

    Intrinsically safe EX certified - For use in potentially explosive environments

    Designed for use in potentially hazardous environments, the guardiX II EX is the ideal solution for chemical and petrochemical applications.  With no buttons or moving parts our intrinsically safe guardiX II EX meets the requirements of the EU ATEX directive and is water resistant.

    guardiX II – A rugged data collector for all day use

    One of the many distinguishing features of the guardiX II data collector is that there are no buttons, switches or other external moving parts that could be prone to failure. Its clever design also means that there is no need for a hole for a sounder, instead the data collector vibrates when a checkpoint is read making it near silent in operation. An LED and vibration provide haptic feedback making it ideal for patrols or checks that need to be carried out in places such as in hospitals, prisons and hotels or in a noisy manufacturing environment where a sounder would not be heard by the user.

    When a checkpoint is read its identification number along with the time and date are stored in the data collector for transmission and processing. The guardiX II is able to read up to 500,000 checkpoints from a pair of AA batteries thereby minimising downtime. In addition to reading our checkpoints the guardiX II collectors are also able to read other deister RFID transponders. All deister electronic systems can share the data and information they gather using one common software platform – Commander Connect.

    The guardiX II collector has environmental protection of IP67 and has an operational temperature range of -10 to 60 degrees. It is also available as a special ATEX version for hazardous environments.

    Checkpoints – robust and reliable

    The RFID checkpoints are maintenance free and do not require any power. The small, inconspicuous checkpoints can either be glued or securely mounted using a special security screw.

    The RFID checkpoints are resistant to temperature, weather and other environmental factors.

    guardTrans – Data transfer unit


    The guardTrans is the data transfer unit for the guardiX II USB collectors. It is connected to a PC or laptop via the USB port and transfers the date when the collector is inserted. To guarantee maximum accuracy, the real-time clock in the guardiX II data collector is synchronized during the download operation.

    LED and vibration provide haptic feedback when the data has been correctly downloaded.

    guardiX Connect – Remote collection of data

    guardiX Connect transmits data immediately after completing each tour, without the need for a data transfer unit. Data is transmitted via the GSM network and securely encrypted via the deister Cloud.

    This allows independence of any local infrastructure. The data remains securely encrypted at all times and is only decoded by your system.