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    Intelligent tailor-made building security

    Full control for coworking space and maker area operators
    Operators of coworking spaces need open and flexible concepts in order to effectively control the multitude of people, rooms and working materials with minimal administrative effort and to increase security. deister electronic provides landlords of flexible office and working spaces with Connected Systems, an intelligent and scalable solution, e.g. to control access of community members to individual houses, workplaces, meeting rooms and workshops flexible and according to requirements – with only one access medium and one central software.

    How scalable Connected Systems is in reality can be demonstrated at the Coworking-Space Hafven Hannover, where, together with Jonas Lindemann’s team, we have implemented exactly such a tailor-made solution. From access control to intelligent key management systems and the corresponding software, everything comes from a single source – deister electronic.

    Access to the property

    Reliably identify vehicles and control barriers and gates

    Reliably identify vehicles and control barriers and gates
    If necessary, co-working space members receive a so-called dual-technology transponder that can be used to open both the doors in the building and the gate.

    At the gate, the transponder is detected through the windshield by a long-range reader, so that you can remain seated comfortably. If the corresponding rights have been granted in the software, the gate opens automatically.

    Access to the building

    access to the building

    Real time control at the click of a mouse

    Keys are a thing of the past. Instead, all members are provided with highly secure transponders as all external doors in the co-working space are equipped with electronic access control.

    At the click of a mouse in the software, you can decide in real time who is authorized to enter and who is not – lost transponders are simply deactivated.

    When the doors are being opened, the daily access rights to the rooms in the co-working space are also loaded onto the transponders, as the readers on the outer doors also function as so-called updaters.

    Access to rooms

    Digital room planning made easy

    The relevant doors inside the co-working space are also opened with a transponder. For this purpose, the conventional locks in the doors were replaced by battery-powered digital locking components. When the transponder is updated at one of the outer doors, the updater determines where access is available today. Room planning and access rights to areas or individual rooms are conveniently managed in the software. This makes it easy to maintain an overview and the co-working space can be used optimally.

    Management of equipment

    management of equipment

    Manage keys, equipment and machines

    In addition to access to the rooms, electronic key cabinets also manage access to keys for equipment and machines. An operating terminal is attached to the key cabinet at which each member first has to identify himself using his transponder before the cabinet can be opened and a key can be removed – of course only if authorization has been granted in the software.

    Every removal and return of a key is automatically recorded in the software, because a so-called RFID keytag is attached to each key which captures each time the key is removed and returned.

    Commander Connect

    Everything in one software

    Central management of all systems

    The entire security and administration concept of the co-working space is controlled by the Commander Connect software. This allows all deister electronic systems to be centrally managed and configured. All incoming information is stored and can be retrieved at any time. The assignment of access rights and other functions can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

    What our customers say

    “It was the right and proper decision to opt for deister electronic and contactless access control. The RFID system is able to practically map our flexible usage model and its operation is pleasingly uncomplicated.”

    CEO, Jonas Lindemann
    Hafven GmbH & Co. KG