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    Secure Automation for Your Business

    Integrated and secure automation solutions through intelligent combined systems that are designed to work as one. From access control systems to asset management, everything is setup, managed, and brought together in a single software management solution.

    All our solutions are designed and manufactured by us, allowing all devices and systems to be optimally integrated with one another and managed with one software – the Commander Connect. All products are designed to be compatible from the development stage, offering unsurpassed levels of functionality, reliability and ease of use.

    Central Management Software

    Connected systems

    Commander Connect software seamlessly connects all deister solutions. Everything can be managed, configured and connected with the same software. Commander Connect can be scaled with different software modules to match the applications requirements. Reports can be customized to match user requirements.

    Infinite flexibility

    With Commander Connect you get the freedom to build the entire system just the way you like it. Commander Connect supports all deister solutions and a wide range of deep integrations to all popular management software. With Commander Connect you get solution versatility. Whether you have one business or need to connect multiple installations, you can design each site the way you want and decide how you want to manage them.

    The proven solution

    Commander Connect provides the reliability and high performance expected by our high level customers. Designed by security and automation experts and used in business-critical installations such as power plants, government institution, fortune 500 companies, banks and airports Commander Connect provides the market’s highest performance you can always count on – now and in the future.

    Secure by design

    Commander Connect is designed to provide the highest security protection against external and internal cybersecurity threats. A multitude of security features minimize your exposure to risk by providing secure system access, secure end-to-end encryption and secure third-party integration.

    Scalable to fit your needs

    Starting with Commander Connect means starting right – with a solution that can easily grow and expand over time as needs change. You may only need a small single-location set-up today but tomorrow you need extra functionality or security for additional locations – Commander Connect can be easily scaled according to your needs and whenever you need it.


    AMAG Symmetry

    deister’s solutions are fully integrated with AMAG’s symmetry allowing to seamlessly sync user data, item information and access rights.

    C.Cure 9000

    We offer a very deep integration into Software House’s C.Cure 9000 syncing a wide range of user and item information.


    Being an official member of Genetec’s technology partner program we offer a fully integrated interface with Genetec.

    Lenel OnGuard

    We offer deep integration for various OnGuard versions with continuous support, enabling seamless integration with our solutions.