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    Casino Solutions

    Increase Security, Protect Assets, and Improve Efficiency

    Throughout the world, casinos are a location where large amounts of cash, cash equivalents, and assets are held. They are popular destinations for vacations and travel due to their fun atmosphere and the thrill of taking a risk to win big. A casino’s unique environment includes many employees and guests, making security an enormous consideration. deister electronic provides solutions for monitoring assets, securing sensitive areas, and auditing of asset transactions.

    Our solutions are an efficient and hassle-free option for ensuring your casino’s smooth operation. From vehicles and physical keys, to mobile devices and chips, our RFID solutions protect a wide variety of assets and support many use cases.


    • proxSafe® Intelligent Key Management and Smart Storage solutions audit and control access to physical keys, mobile devices, firearms, and many other valuable and sensitive assets
    • tranSpeed® systems can control access to parking and other staff areas
    • Commander Connect® software integrates various Deister solutions and can track, report, and issue alerts related to access and asset transactions

    Restrict Access

    Many areas within casinos must carefully restrict not only who can enter but what they are allowed to bring with them. Employees could use various mobile devices to record and photograph sensitive areas, passcodes, and procedures creating an apparent conflict to security and loss prevention.

    Casinos provide locker compartments and other mechanisms for employees to safely store their items such as smartphones, smart watches, tablets, and even clothes, before performing their duties and entering sensitive areas.

    Use of deister lockers within the proxSafe® Smart Storage system allows for secure storage and audit trails of such storage to satisfy regulatory commissions.

    Secure Parking

    Hotel Parking sign

    With tranSpeed®, employees, armored trucks, and VIP performers can enjoy secure, efficient parking, away from the general guest lot. With deister’s dependable RFID technology, you can limit access without the need of a parking attendant or ticketing system. Your team member can pass through hands free without even needing to put down the window. You can also provide an added layer of security for service vehicles.


    Electronic automation creates a crisis when it fails. Metal to metal contact is susceptible to dirt, water, and corrosion. The resulting failures create regulatory risk. deister’s contact-free RFID solution eliminates those problems.


    Commander Connect® instantly creates use reports by user and asset as well as asset status reports. More sophisticated reports can be generated by exporting Commander data to CSV files for analysis and formatting with a wide range of third-party analysis tools.


    Access to keys and other assets have similar regulatory requirements and in some cases so may storage of personal items before entering sensitive areas of the casino. It is critical to have common interfaces and operational procedures to simplify training, improve efficiency and overall compliance.

    Access Auditing

    Connected Systems

    Everything from parking access to time-and-attendance audits and Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) are operational, security and regulatory concerns of casino management.

    deister can help. Once again, Commander Connect can tie other operational functions in with the original system functions of key and asset management.

    In many casinos, costly staff oversee these tasks that can be automated and, more importantly, audited—not all audit trails are for the commissions; they can also measure the performance of the organization.

    Return on Investment

    With deister’s RFID solutions, not only are your assets physically more secure, but your staff is aware of an assets’ status and their clear accountability. The added layer of protection on physical keys, automated alerting, auditing, and tracking capabilities, improve the overall security of the facility and management’s ability to enforce procedures. The combined efficiencies and security create a compelling return on investment for casinos.

      Please send me your Newsletter