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Digital Locking Systems

Cylinders, fittings, locks and numerous other designs of electronic locking components. Secure and high-quality. Fully engineered and made in Germany.

Offline locking systems

A modern key replacement

Using the doorLoxx® electronic locking system, transitioning from a conventional locking system with mechanical keys to a fully-fledged electronic access control system has become much easier and cost-effective. Installation is straightforward and doors are not damaged. There is no need for complex wiring. The digital locking components are battery-operated and exchange data via airLink®.

The electronic locking components are available in different formats, e.g. as a cylinder or digital handle. The portfolio includes updaters, controllers and online readers that link the locking components to the system. Full scalability allows both standalone operation of a system without PC software and the use of Commander Connect featuring all the performance characteristics of professional access control systems.

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Digital doorlock cylinder transponder
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Using digital lock
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Offline locking components

Battery powered readers

Electronic cylinderElectronic door fittingElectronic lockElectronic cabinet lockDigital safeWCU 2 Offline door control
doorLoxx cylinder

Electronic cylinder

Easy to upgrade

Just like a mechanical cylinder, our electronic cylinder can be installed in a few simple steps. No drilling or other door modifications are necessary, as the design remains identical. The basic cylinder bodies come in five different installation lengths, including a half cylinder, and can be adjusted in length directly during installation using spacers. This allows for adjustments in 5 mm increments from 30/30 to 45/75.

  • Installation length adjustable during installation
  • Superior quality - Made in Germany
  • Fast reading speed
Door handle

Electronic door fitting

Suitable for every door

With its slim and straightforward design, the electronic door fitting is a perfect fit for any door. The handle comes in four different models, catering to both solid and tubular frame doors. For mounting, the same drill holes as for a conventional fitting can be utilized.

The cover plate allows for the simultaneous use of the existing cylinder for secure door locking or provides an elegant cover for the cylinder opening. An exchangeable cover plate allows for adaptation to doors with varying distances between the handle and cylinder, ensuring a perfect fit for any door.

  • Suitable for every door
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Optional additional mechanical locking cylinder
  • Simple battery change
Door lock

Electronic lock

Design meets security

The electronic motor lock is specifically designed for self-locking locks, seamlessly blending security with sleek design. Its minimalist design harmonizes discreetly with the door handle, offering maximum freedom in shape and color selection.

Moreover, the electronic lock enhances security as neither damage nor forcible removal of the housing or electronics grants access to the lock mechanism inside the door.

  • Maximum design freedom
  • Enhanced security
  • Various designs to suit every door

Electronic cabinet lock

Secure storage solution

Ensure the secure storage of valuables in lockers or wardrobes with the reliable electronic locker and furniture lock DCL 3 from deister electronic. This elegant and timeless electronic lock operates wirelessly, requiring no cables for installation. It can be quickly installed and easily managed using our Commander Connect software. Integration into professional building and asset management software is seamless, ensuring smooth operation.

  • Available with different levers
  • Attractive design suitable for various office furniture, lockers, and wardrobes
  • Easy to assemble
Digital Safe

Digital safe

Secure storage solution for all environments

The battery-operated Digital Safe is a robust key safe suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Its weatherproof IP65 housing ensures durability in any weather conditions. Opening the Digital Safe is contactless, either with an access card or via an app. The reading technology can be customized, supporting popular options like MIFARE®, NFC™, or Bluetooth®. This enables seamless integration into existing access control systems, allowing it to be accessed using the same credentials.

The Digital Safe can also be flush-mounted for optimal mechanical protection, minimizing the impact of weather. With a 70mm diameter, it offers ample space for ISO cards and large bunches of keys. Additionally, it operates independently of local IT infrastructure and is standalone capable, ensuring reliability even in remote locations.

  • 70mm diameter, spacious enough for ISO cards and large key bunches
  • Independent of local IT infrastructure
  • Standalone capability
  • Weatherproof IP65 metal housing
  • Content monitoring for added security
Door access control

WCU 2 Offline door control

Reader with integrated door control

The WCU 2 door control module is a reader with built-in inputs and outputs, offering seamless integration into existing systems. It operates similarly to an electronic cylinder, requiring only a power supply for operation.

Ideal for scenarios where replacing an online reader is necessary, and the functionality of an electronic cylinder is insufficient, the WCU 2 provides the perfect solution.

  • Integration into the system, resembling an offline reader
  • Only requires power cabling for operation
  • Available with integrated or remote reader options

Wireless connectivity

airLink® module airLink® USB stick
airlink module

airLink® module

airLink® is a wireless solution for integrating digital locking components into the system. A clever energy management system ensures very low battery consumption. All data is secured with 128-bit AES encryption. Inside buildings, ranges of up to 30 m can be achieved, and outdoors up to 100 m.

  • No cables required
  • Transmission of real-time events
  • Application based operating modes
airlink USB stick

airLink® USB stick

Using the wireless USB stick, the service software connects to the battery-operated readers. New devices can be configured or settings can be changed during operation.

  • No driver required
  • Configure and test devices directly on site
doorLoxx operating mode

Various operating modes

The individual locking components in the electronic locking system can be integrated into the system in various ways to meet the project's requirements:


Real-time Integration - DOC

The locking components are permanently connected via wireless communication, enabling real-time functionality from the online access control. With the DOC integration, the door can be remotely locked or unlocked. The system displays activities at the door in real-time.


Cardnet Integration - OSS and DCN "deisterCardnet"

Data is not stored and updated in the locking components but on the identification medium. This allows for a cost-effective design of the electronic locking system, as there is no need for gateways for wireless connections, including cables. We support both the OSS and our own DCN standard, which offers extended functionality compared to OSS.


Standalone Mode - "deisterLocalData"

All data is stored locally in the electronic locking component. This operating mode allows the use of all popular identification media, is easy to use, and is especially suitable for smaller systems.



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